Toys R Us Recalls

As we enter the holiday season, retailers are heavily stocking their shelves with toys for all ages.  Most of these are imported and are supposed to be checked for safety.  Consumers need to be alert to the fact that not all products that reach the stores are that thoroughly checked, many might have flaws that have not need detected.  A recent notification (issued before the government shutdown  informs the public of a large retail chain of toy stores recalling a product made in China named “Journey Girl Travel Trunk”, a toy designed to carry dolls.  According to the news release, the recall is due to several reports of the sharp metal handle causing several injuries.  More details on this recall can be read on this link.

Every year we see toy products being recalled, sometimes voluntarily by the manufacturer or distributor, and other times by government orders.  As in the above mentioned product, hazards might not be known until the consumers actually begin reporting injuries.  Product liability laws are very clear as to the responsibility of manufacturers, distributors and retailers to develop, produce and sell items that are safe for consumers.  Martinez Manglardi Litigation Firm Lawyers have been defending the rights of victims that have suffered injuries from faulty products.  We are a team of Personal Injury Attorneys with ample experience in representing consumers who suffered through no fault of their own.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries from a toy or any other product, you should immediately contact a Florida Injury Attorney that is familiar with these types of cases.  You may have a case that merits monetary compensation for suffering and to cover medical expenses resulting from the injury.  When you call our offices, you can make an appointment for a free initial consultation whereby we can answer any questions you may have while we review your situation.  We can determine and advise you on what legal choices you have based on your specific circumstances.

The coming holidays and the gifts to children should not be ruined by unexpected injuries, please be aware of possible safety issues when you are buying a toy, even if it has not been recalled, this delicate choice is a “buyer beware” decision.  Our Trial Attorneys have been very successful in defending the rights of injured consumers, we aggressively demand justice for all innocent victims of negligence.  We are always on your side !

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