Government Shutdown Affecting Product Recalls

Among some of the shameful consequences of the present Federal Government shutdown, are services at agencies designed to protect the public from harm. Several of these agencies have been forced to “put on hold” their inspections, recalls and notifications of deficient or faulty products including foods, medicines, toys etc.

The Martinez Manglardi Personal Injury Attorneys in Orlando are appalled at what dangers this might represent to the consumer.  For years we have been fierce advocates of defending the rights of those injured through no fault of their own.  Until these agencies resume their activities, we have to be alert to any news of dangerous products affecting the health of unsuspecting individuals.

Manufacturers are always held to the standard of liability so that the products they sell to the public be safe for their use and or consumption.  We can expect a backlog of agency notices of recalls after the budget disputes in Washington are resolved.  In the meantime, if you or anyone you know has become ill or suffered injury from consuming or using any product, (this includes vehicles, tools, tires, pharmaceuticals etc.) please gather as much documentation as possible pertaining to the incident and product in question and call an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer.

When you call our Orlando Law Firm, you will receive an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your situation.  It might well be that you have a case against a manufacturer, distributor and retailer for their liability and your right to recover monetary compensation for any suffering or medical expenses caused by the defective product.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys are very well known in the community we fight to protect.  we are always on your side ! Call us today for your free consultation, we will evaluate your circumstances and advise you on the course of action.  It is simply not right that you may have suffered due to the negligence of any corporation.  We demand justice with the full weight of the law for consumers that have become victims through no fault of their own.

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