Two Dead as Jet Ski Collides with Tour Boat

A recent tragedy involving the collision of a personal watercraft and a Tour Boat reminds us of the risk that exist on our waterways.  Florida is considered a fun playground for water sports of all types, and with millions of visitors that vacation here every year, the traffic on our lakes, rivers and beaches can become a risky scenario.

Officers are still investigating the details of this recent accident, and surely looking into fault or liability of both watercraft involved.  More details about this sad incident can be found on this link.  We, as personal injury Attorneys in Orlando feel a need to remind all tourist and residents of the dangers of personal watercraft rentals, which most people view as toys, but are actually high powered vehicles.

If you, or someone you know has been injured, through no fault of your own, you have the right to sue for injuries and compensation for medical expenses.  When you rent a Jet-ski or similar watercraft, they have you sign a long and detailed “waiver”, please remember that you still have rights and these are never “signed away”. If the watercraft had mechanical failures that caused your accident and consequent injuries, the rental company may be liable.  Please consult with one of our experienced Personal Injury Attorneys as soon as possible, and before you speak with any insurance company.

The same goes if you suffered injuries while you were a passenger on a Tour Boat, or any type of tour transportation vehicle.  The tour operator is responsible for the safety of the passengers.  As soon as you contact our Public Transportation Attorneys,  we begin an intense investigation of all pertinent details as we prepare to defend your rights.

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