Several Injured in Lynx Bus Accident

A Lynx bus was involved in an accident with another vehicle and a total of 13 people were injured including the driver of the bus, and a pregnant woman.  The Florida Highway Patrol is still investigating the details of the crash.  Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Orlando are familiar with these incidents.  The liability of the drivers of the vehicles are never disregarded when investigations are being reviewed, and the responsibility of the public transportation system will also be analyzed.

Those injured through no fault of their own doing have the right to sue for damages and medical costs.  Public transportation departments, usually administered by local government entities have a responsibility to provide safety to their passengers.  We are a team of very knowledgeable Public Transportation Lawyers that help victims to win cases involving damages and injuries, and help obtain monetary compensation for their suffering.

Martinez Manglardi’s reputation as an effective team of Transportation Accident Attorneys has been well earned over the years by the multiple victories for the victims we represent.  We have helped many families in Orlando, Kissimmee, Apopka, Palm Bay and Ocala by defending and fighting for their rights. Our Attorneys investigate every detail of every automobile accidents as we prepare a case, we research all the reports filed, the witnesses’ statements, and medical records of the injured and a lot more.

When we go to court, we are well prepared to aggressively present your case, we may have to wage a legal battle against a large insurance company which will defend itself in order to avoid paying you for your suffering.  Our Personal Injury Attorneys have an impressive track record and we are very well known in Central Florida.  If you have suffered injuries as a passenger on a Lynx Bus, call us immediately for a free consultation.  We are here to defend your rights and we fight for justice.  We are always on your side.

We get paid only if we win.

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