Deadly Hit & Run Leads to Arrest

The Orlando Police Department is still investigating the details of a hit and run that killed a person on Kirkman Road this week.  Witnesses report that the vehicle that hit the victim did not stop, they estimate that the vehicle was speeding at 55 to 60 miles per hour.  The driver was later arrested at her home nearby when a security guard noticed and reported the damaged vehicle.  She was charged with leaving the scene of an accident with death, and also with attempted destruction of evidence.  More details about this incident are available on this news link.

This tragedy involves negligence on part of the driver, and is aggravated by the criminal charges.  When a family loses a loved one due to another’s negligence the law allows the family the right to sue the driver.  If the victim was the sole provider for his family, the economic future of his dependents is severely affected.  They should contact an experienced Orlando car accident Attorney as soon as possible to represent them in the court.  Our team of automobile accident lawyers in Orlando, researches every detail of every case, investigates all statements from witnesses, police investigators and the driver.

A well-prepared suit will be introduced to the courts for damages and suffering of the victim’s family, and will demonstrate how their loss has a direct effect on their future.  The driver’s insurance coverage will be involved and may attempt to reach a quick settlement or fight the lawsuit in a court trial.  It is very important that surviving family members do not talk to the insurance company representatives, they are not representing the victim’s best interest, on the contrary, their goal will be to reach the best possible arrangement for their insurance company.

The Martinez Manglardi Law Firm has been representing the rights of victims for many years.  Our personal injury attorneys in Orlando have successfully won million dollar cases for our clients.  We are very well respected for our achievements within our community.  We fight for the justice and fairness due to the families of victims.

Call us to arrange a complimentary meeting with one of our auto accident Attorneys in Orlando, we will review your situation and determine the next best step you should take.  Please do this before talking to any insurance company representatives, remember we are always on your side!

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