98 Shampoos and Soaps Contain Carcinogens

Four different companies have recently been sued for a failure to carry labels warning consumers of cancer causing ingredients in their products.  The ingredient is called cocamide DEA which is made from coconut oil.  The lawsuit was filed by a environmental group on behalf of consumers.  This labeling issue is nothing new among manufacturers.  We regularly see recalls precisely over the same problem, a label missing an ingredient which may cause harm to the consumer.

Product liability is a very clear law, manufacturers, importers, distributors and sales outlets are all obligated to their responsibility to the public, and they are liable if their products injure the consumer.  This basic responsibility covers all products, including cosmetics and edibles.  Other countries also have similar laws to protect the public.

Should a consumer ever be injured by a product, whether a mechanical malfunction, a flawed manufacturing design, or a harmful ingredient, the victim has the right to sue for suffering, damages and medical costs resulting from then injuries. The first step is for the victim to contact an experienced Personal Injury Attorney. There might be other victims who suffered from the same product and this might lead to a class action suit representing thousands of consumers.

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