Orlando Malpractice Lawyer: Patient Receives Surgery on Wrong Leg

A patient enters a hospital in Florida to be surgically treated on her left leg, however human error caused her to receive the procedure on the wrong leg !  This incident is still under investigation.  Called “wrong site surgery”, these cases are rare as hospitals have a system in place to avoid these types of mistakes, but they still occur when the procedures are not followed correctly. The detailed news report can be found on this link.  There have been 35 reported cases of “wrong site surgery” reported during the first half of 2013 in Florida.  One was case of surgery on the wrong patient.  Medical malpractice is a serious problem that cannot be ignored, and the liability for damages to patients falls on the hospitals and all the staff involved.

A patient places their faith and trust into the hands of hospitals and doctors for a solution to their ills, when medical negligence occurs, for whatever reason it is still unforgivable when the patient suffers from another’s error.  If the damage was caused by Hospital errors, Doctor’s negligence, or employees mistakes, the responsibility of the healthcare industry must be held to the highest standards.  Most patients injured by medical malpractice proceed to lawsuits in order to seek justice and monetary compensation to cover medical expenses that are a consequence of the errors.  The first step is to contact an experienced malpractice attorney.

The medical malpractice Attorneys at Martinez Manglardi have been defending the rights and seeking justice for victims of Hospital Errors and Doctor Negligence for many years.  We have helped our clients win cases and receive compensation worth Hundreds of Millions.  We are very familiar with these types of incidents and we also consult with many specialist specialist from within the medical industry when we prepare a case.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a mishap while in the hands of the healthcare industry, contact us as soon as possible for a no cost initial consultation.  A personal injury Lawyer will review the details of your specific situation, and provide you with an opinion of what the next step should be.  We are on your side and prepared to fight for justice !

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