Orlando Car Accident Lawyers: Man Killed in I-4 Hit & Run

A Kissimmee professor was killed in an crash on I-4 when his vehicle went into the median and hit a tree.  Witnesses claim to have seen another vehicle driving recklessly and investigators now believe this is a hit and run case.  Orlando car accident Attorneys are way too familiar with these types of accidents.  A majority of these investigations lead to the arrest of the driver of the other vehicle which may caused the accident, and this can lead to criminal charges.  More information about this hit and run can be found on this link.

When a driver or passenger is injured due to another’s irresponsible driving causing an accident, not only will the person be facing criminal charges, but also a lawsuit from the victims for damages suffered.  Anyone injured by another has the constitutional right to claim for justice.  Successful lawsuits are initiated on the victim’s behalf by experienced personal injury lawyers.  Victims should be compensated to cover any medical costs and treatments.  Insurance companies are always very quick to contact victims and offer them small amounts for settlements and avoiding a larger lawsuit.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an auto accident in Orlando, please contact an experienced accident Attorney before speaking to the insurance company offering you a check.  Our Orlando Attorneys have been representing the rights of victims for many years.  We have won millions for our clients, and we are very well respected within our community.

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