Florida “ICE” Car Accidents

Our summer season is here again, with daily thunderstorms and flooding in several areas.  The news reports how congested traffic becomes, and even worse when there are multiple car accidents due to factors such as low visibility and even Florida “ICE”.

We have a unique situation in Florida which newcomers and visitors rarely notice.  Locals call it Florida “ICE”, and it causes as many car accidents as heavy thunderstorms.  This occurs when our roads and highways are just barely dowsed by a short light drizzle of rain.  Drivers tend to disregard the moist pavement and continue at their normal speed limits.

As explained by researchers; our roads have a film of oil accumulating from passing vehicles.  During a hot summer day, the oil settles into the porous road surface and tire traction is still good.  Right after a little bit of rain, the oil floats to the surface and creates an extremely hazardous slippery pavement.  Drivers are usually unsuspecting, and very shocked when they hit their brakes and their vehicle skids just like on ice. !

So please be aware, heavy rains actually “wash” the oil of the roads but dramatically limit your visibility, light rains create Florida “ICE” and sudden braking on oil becomes a common cause of car accidents.

If you have recently been involved in an accident, there may have been other factors involved such as mechanical failures or driver negligence.  Consult with a Car Accident Lawyer before signing any insurance Co. documents.   If anyone involved in your accident suffered injuries, it is imperative that you get good legal advice. Liability laws in Florida can be quite intricate.

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