Medical Device Injury Attorneys

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration ( F.D.A.) regularly issues recall alerts on medical devices which are deemed to be harmful or dangerous to the public.

Sometimes these recalls are for products that are sold to and used by consumers in their homes. At other times they involve devices that are used in clinics or hospitals by professional staff in treating their patients.

The average patient would have very little chance of being aware if such devices used in his treatment were defective, on a recall list or were recalled after the treatment. The FDA does maintain a website providing information on such devices, and also issues press releases as well as safety alerts (eg: GOBlock kits, Deep Brain Stimulation lead kits).   Wherever the recalled device may be, it must be quickly taken out of service, and instructions are issued with details for returning the product.

There are many incidents of injury or health deterioration from medical devices, however very few are ever reported simply due to patients not being aware of details involved in their treatment, and devices used to treat their ailments.

If you or a loved one have reasons to suspect that a device may been the cause of a worsened a preexisting condition, it will involve researching the details & devices used in administering treatments.  A Defective Medical Device Attorney can help determine if a patient was a victim of a Defective or Recalled Medical Device.   If you, as a patient has suffered as a consequence of receiving treatment from such devices, you are entitled to file a claim, and you might be entitled to compensation for damages.

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