Glossary of Medical Malpractice Law Terms “I”

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Incompetence: The inability or lack of legal qualification or fitnessto discharge the required duty.

Illness Period: For insurance purposes, this normally begins when covered expenses are incurred.

Intention Tremors: As a person with ataxic cerebral palsy reaches for an object or attempts to perform an act (such as putting on a shoe), the body part that he or she is moving may begin to tremble. Intention tremors become stronger as the person reaches the object.

Involuntary Movement: Movement that is not under the control of the brain. The movement is caused by electrical stimulation of the muscle, and in individuals with cerebral palsy, the involuntary movement happens so often that it interferes with their ability to function.

Indemnity: An agreement wherein one party financially protects another against an anticipated loss.

Interrogatories: A form of discovery in which one party submits a series of written questions to the other party, and to which the latter is bound to answer under oath.