Glossary of Medical Malpractice Law Terms “H”

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Hemiplegia: One side of the body affected. Arm and leg may be equally or unequally affected.

Herceptin: A medical agent indicated for the treatment of certain breast cancer patients. Herceptin® injection can cause fatal pulmonary effects in patients with preexisting lung conditions.

Hospital malpractice: Occurs when a patient suffers damages as a result of a medical professional’s failure to follow the standards of care set forth for his/her medical field. Hospital malpractice can be the result of an intentional act or negligence which causes injury to a patient. Hospital malpractice is often the result of a heath care provider failing to prevent injury or illness to a patient as a similarly situated medical professional would have done.

Hypertonia: Increased postural tone; ‘stiffness’ of muscles.

Hypotonia: Reduced postural tone; ‘floppiness’ of muscles.