Over $2 Million Settlement in Medical Malpractice Case

Medical Malpractice Cardiac Arrest Claim Settles in Excess of $2 Million Dollars

The family of a man in his late 60’s came to Martinez Manglardi seeking answers as to why their husband and father, who was seemingly healthy, died during a routine elective procedure performed at a hospital. After investigation of the claim, Martinez Manglardi determined that critical medical mistakes were made which lead to the man’s death.


The man was suffering from a benign cardiac arrhythmia and, as recommended by his treating doctor, he scheduled an electrical mapping of his heart with a nearby hospital. Martinez Manglardi discovered that during this routine outpatient procedure, air was accidently injected into his heart. The air embolus caused a blockage of one of the main cardiac arteries, which in turn caused the man to go into cardiac arrest. With the assistance of a nationally accredited medical expert in the field, it was determined that the negligence of the nurses in the catherization lab, as well as the negligence of the cardiologists performing the procedure, contributed to the death of this otherwise relatively healthy man. The claim resulted in a settlement of over $2 million dollars on behalf of the family.

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