Glossary of Car Accidents Law Terms “S”

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Service: Delivery of a legal document to the opposite party.

Set aside: Annul or void as in “setting aside” a judgment.

Settlement: Conclusion of a legal matter.

Settlement conference: A meeting between parties of a lawsuit, their counsel and a judge to attempt a resolution of the dispute without trial.

Statute: A law created by the Legislature.

Statute of limitations: Law which specifies the time within which parties must take judicial action to enforce their rights.

Stay: Halting of a judicial proceeding by order of the court.

Stipulation: Agreement by the attorneys or parties on opposite sides of a case regarding any matter in the trial proceedings.

Subpoena: Document issued by the authority of the court to compel a witness to appear and give testimony or produce documentary evidence in a proceeding. Failure to appear or produce is punishable by contempt of court.

Subpoena duces tecum: “Under penalty you shall take it with you.” A process by which the court commands a witness to produce specific documents or records in a trial.

Suit: Any court proceeding in which an individual seeks a decision.

Summons: Document or writ directing the sheriff or other officer to notify a person that an action has been commenced against him in court and that he is required to appear, on a certain day, and answer the complaint in such action.