Glossary of Car Accidents Law Terms “R”

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Record: 1. To preserve in writing, print or by film, tape, etc. 2. History or a case. 3. The word-for-word written or tape recorded account of all proceedings of a trial.

Rebuttal: The introduction of contradicting or opposing evidence showing that what witnesses said occurred is not true, the stage of a trial at which such evidence may be introduced.

Redirect examination: Follows cross examination and is carried out by the party who, first examined the witness.

Remand: To send back. A disposition by an appellate court that results in sending the case back to the original court from which it came for further proceedings.

Reply: Pleading by the plaintiff in response to the defendant’s written answer.

Respondent: Party against whom an appeal is brought in an appellate court. the prevailing party in the trial court case.

Restitution: Act of giving the equivalent for any loss, damage of injury.

Rests the case: When a party concludes his presentation or evidence.

Reversal: Setting aside, annulling, vacating or changing to the contrary the decision of a lower court or other body.

Preponderance of evidence: The general standard of proof in civil cases. The weight of evidence presented by one side is more convincing to the trier of facts than the evidence presented by the opposing side.

Presiding judge: Chief or administrative judge of a court. Proceeding: Any hearing or court appearance related to the adjudication of a case.