Glossary of Car Accidents Law Terms “A”

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Action: Proceeding taken in a court of law. Synonymous with case, suit, lawsuit.

Additional Insured: A person other than the named insured or covered person who is protected under the named insured’s auto policy.

Adjudication: A judgment or decree.

Adversary system: Basic U.S. trial system in which each of the opposing parties has opportunity to state his viewpoints before the court. Plaintiff argues for defendant’s guilt (criminal) or liability (civil). Defense argues for defendant’s innocence (criminal) or against liability (civil).

Affidavit: A written declaration under oath

Affirm: The assertion of an appellate court that the judgment of the lower court is correct and should stand.

Allegation: A declaration of a party to an action made in a pleading, stating what he expects to prove.

Alleged: Stated; recited; claimed; asserted; charged.

Answer: A formal response to a claim, admitting or denying the allegations in the claim.

Anti-Theft Device: Devices designed to reduce the chance an auto will be vandalized or stolen, or assist in its recovery. Includes car alarms, keyless entry, starter disablers, motion detectors, parts of the vehicle etched with the Vehicle Identification Number, and recovery systems.

Appeal: Review of a case by a higher court.

Appearance: The formal proceeding by which a defendant submits to the jurisdiction of the court.

Arbitration: The hearing and settlement of a dispute between opposing parties by a third party whose decision the parties have agreed to accept.

Assigned Risk: A risk not ordinarily acceptable to insurers which is, according to state law, assigned to insurers participating in a plan in which the insurers agree to accept their share of these risks.

At issue: The time in a lawsuit when the complaining party has stated his claim and the other side has responded with denial and the matter is ready to be tried.

Automobile Insurance: A form of insurance that protects against losses involving autos. Examples of coverage types include: bodily injury liability, property damage liability, medical payments, and collision and comprehensive coverage for physical damage to the insured’s vehicle.