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Guardian ad Litem

In the bustling legal landscape of Orlando, Florida, Victoria Manglardi stands out not just for her successful career as a personal injury attorney, but for her unwavering commitment to serving as a Guardian ad Litem for children in need.

For the past five years, Manglardi has dedicated her time and expertise to representing children’s best interests in dependency cases, embodying the spirit of pro bono service that is crucial to the legal profession. Her outstanding work has been recognized with a profile in the Orange County Bar Association’s The Briefs Magazine.

Manglardi told The Briefs that her journey into law began early, inspired by her uncle’s legal career. After graduating from Florida A&M University College of Law in 2011, she cut her teeth as an Assistant Public Defender, handling various juvenile, county, and felony cases. This experience laid the groundwork for her current role at Martinez Manglardi, PA, where she practices personal injury law. However, her pro bono work as a Guardian ad Litem truly showcases her passion for justice and child advocacy.

As a Guardian ad Litem, Manglardi serves as the voice for children caught in the complex web of the dependency court system. Her approach is hands-on and heartfelt, regularly meeting with the children she represents to build trust and understanding. “I put my heart and soul into these cases,” Manglardi explains. “It’s about ensuring these children are set up for success, no matter their circumstances.”

While Manglardi works with children of all ages, she has developed a particular affinity for helping teenagers. “Teenagers in foster care often need the most help advocating for themselves and navigating the child welfare system,” she notes. This focus allows her to leverage her experience and empathy to make a significant impact during a critical period in these young lives.

The transition from her work as a public defender to a Guardian ad Litem was a natural one for Manglardi. “I missed my work as a Public Defender, so I reached out to Legal Aid,” she told The Briefs. Initially assigned to crossover cases involving both dependency and delinquency courts, Manglardi found her niche in advocating for children caught between these two systems.

Personal Injury Attorney vs. Guardian ad Litem work

Guardian ad Litem

Manglardi’s Guardian ad Litem work differs significantly from her private practice. “Understanding and applying the law and statutes in dependency court is completely different from proving one of my negligence cases,” she explains in her interview. The personal nature of Guardian ad Litem work often extends beyond office hours, with Manglardi fielding after-hours calls from her Guardian ad Litem children. These calls, she notes, are often less challenging than those from her private practice clients, sometimes involving simple reminders about court hearings or advice about their future.

While rewarding, Guardian ad Litem work comes with its challenges. Manglardi candidly admits, “Guardian ad Litem work can be so rewarding, but it can also be very heartbreaking. The team wants the best for the child, but sometimes the law doesn’t support what we want.” This reality has given her unique insights into the child welfare system, including its strengths and areas for improvement.

One of Manglardi’s key observations is the difficulty in placing children in safe environments, even when it’s clear they should be removed from unsafe situations.

Victoria Manglardi’s work as a Guardian ad Litem exemplifies the profound difference one dedicated individual can make in the lives of vulnerable children. Her commitment, compassion, and legal acumen continue to be invaluable assets to the Guardian ad Litem Program and the children she serves, making her a true champion for justice in Orlando’s legal community.

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